A Resurrection Post

After not being active here for the last couple of months I thought a bit about what to do with this blog and came up with some changes and ideas.

  1. More regular updates and smaller linked-list style posts. Writing full length posts about more complex topics is nice but not something I can do regulary right now. Still there are often things I find and would like to share. I also hope that this gets me more used to “regular publishing” and thus increases the frequency of more in-depth posts.
  2. A newsletter. There will be a (most likely digest-style) newsletter in irregular intervals depending on the frequency of updates.
    Why a newsletter? This is most likely a topic for a seperate post but with the advent of platforms like Medium, Twitter and friends it's common not to “own the connection” between a publisher and a writer anymore and I believe that this is wrong. There is RSS but it's only a one way channel and I'd actually like to get to know the people reading the stuff I'm posting here. Also not everyone has an RSS reader set up. There is a subscribe form at the end of each post and on the index page.
  3. Some design changes. To keep that one short: less wierd “about me” bullshit, more content. Also: rainbow colors everywhere!

I already have a couple of things queued up to be published including one more lengthy post about how I'd attempt to set up a company if I'd have to do it now (everyone knows better, right?) If you have thoughts on this I'd appreciate any input on the draft I have laying around.

@martinklepsch, December 2013