CLJSJS - Use Javascript Libraries in Clojurescript With Ease

In Clojure, Java interoperability or “interop” is a core feature. In Clojurescript, interop with Javascript libraries does not work out-of-the-box across optimization modes. Extern files or “externs” required for advanced optimizations are often hard to find.

To fix this a few newly found friends and I created CLJSJS. CLJSJS is an effort to package Javascript libraries with their respective extern files and provide tools to integrate them into your project.

My personal hope is that this will make it easier for newcomers to get started with Clojurescript.

Also existing solutions like deps.clj (more here) only address the problem of Javascript dependencies partially. Maybe CLJSJS can serve as a vehicle to find some "pseudo-standard" for this kind of stuff.

Thanks to Juho Teperi, Micha Niskin & Alan Dipert for their contributions and ideas so far. Now go and check out the project homepage or jump straight into the packages repo and learn how you can contribute.

Announcement post and discussion on the Clojurescript mailinglist

@martinklepsch, January 2015

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